Discover Our Signature Finishes

Developed in-house with a blend of hardwax oils and tints, our signature blends achieve perfectly balanced tones that bring out the beauty of the natural grain of our solid woods while giving them remarkable durability.

On this page, you will find all the information you need about each of our blends and the option to order a swatch sample at the end.

Nature's Blend


Timber in its most natural state. Carefully treated to ensure durability without altering its original tone. Perfect for lovers of natural grain. It pairs beautifully with solid colours and other neutral tones.

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Our Take On Naturally Aged Timber

Blend #21

A gorgeous golden-brown tone with a gingerbread-like quality and rich, deep brown undertones—a stunning neutral colour that blends seamlessly with dusky pastels and natural textures.

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Velvety, Deep and Charming

Blend #31

A unique deep brown stain with a velvety texture and remarkable transparency. It accentuates all the details of the oak grain in an effortless way.

It's a charming color, perfect for those seeking a dark stain that isn't too saturated. Truly one-of-a-kind, and our bestseller.

It looks superb when combined with rich colours and complex patterns.

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Our heritage, reimagined

Blend #41

Inspired by the hues of history's favorite furniture tones, our darkest blend, Blend #41, has been specially formulated to capture the incredible depth and richness of this timeless color.

Introducing a modern approach, it allows the oak grain to shine through and leaving the surface with a naturally subtle satin finish.

This absolutely stunning and versatile colour pairs well with lighter neutral tones and easily complements both antique and modern interiors alike.

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Rich, Complex & Characterful

Walnut Blend

Crafted with English walnut in mind, our signature blend brings to life this richly figured timber and creates perfectly balance tones that accentuate the natural deep brown hues and rich neutral shades. Finished with a natural satin finish that produces the most irresistible textured surface and highlights the grain's inimitable patterns.

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