How It Started

Our story begins in the vibrant city of London. We embarked on a journey fueled by our shared love for antique furniture and a desire to create a home that seamlessly blended old-world charm with a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

As we scoured our borough for the most captivating pieces, we couldn't help but feel a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry of the past. With every restoration project we undertook, our passion for breathing new life into forgotten treasures grew stronger. It was during these transformative moments that the seeds of our company were planted.

We envisioned a company that would pay homage to antique design features while infusing them with contemporary design. Sustainability was at the core of our vision, and we were committed to using recycled wood and supporting local businesses that shared our values.

Today, we have a state-of-the-art workshop in Horsham, and our team has grown to include five dedicated individuals, including highly experienced and skilled furniture makers and restorers who contribute to making our founders' vision come to life at the highest possible standard.

Together, we pour our hearts into crafting and restoring furniture and home accessories that are unique, elegant, and timeless.

Our Aesthetic

A harmonious combination of charming antique furniture design elements with clean lines and a minimalist approach defines our design concept. It is a celebration of craftsmanship and history with a modern twist.

Always with sustainable practices, we make the most of organic textures and work to preserve their unique character, all while adding a touch of sophistication with ceramics, brass, and other beautifully crafted adornments.

Additionally, our original hard-wax blends and beige accents play a major role in our aesthetic, creating a signature colour palette that brings warmth and uniqueness to our pieces.

Our Commitment

Here at Attica Studios, we are committed to championing thoughtful craftsmanship in every aspect of our business. We take great pride in partnering with businesses that share our values and dedication to creating sustainable and carefully considered products. Our ongoing mission is to expand our network of partners, supporting small businesses and local craftsmen, while simultaneously advancing our efforts to promote circularity within the furniture industry.