Care and Maintenance

Wood & Veneers

If your piece has exposed wood surfaces, it’s likely that we finished it with Osmo Polyx Oil. This oil is great at protecting the wood from everyday household wear and tear like water and food stains.

However, wood is very sensitive to water so it’s crucial that if there are any spills or rings, to wipe away the water with a dry cloth as soon as possible as it might leave a stain.

It is safe to either vacuum or use a damp cloth to wipe away any debris or dust from the surface.

After some time, the finish might lose its glow and need some deep cleaning and restoration. For that, we recommend using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.


We use exclusively high quality, low VOC, water based paints and varnishes that are washable and scrubbable. Simply wipe the painted surface clean with a damp cloth.

Your piece was also, primed with a high quality primer so it should have excellent resistance to every day use.

Wicker, Rattan and Bamboo

For restoring bamboo and cane weaves, we use only raw linseed oil. A natural oil that splendidly revives the material’s golden brown colour and that is very resistant to wear and tear. The finish, when dry, offers plenty of water reppellant qualities and will last for many years if cared for properly. However, water might affect the durability of the wood so should there be any large spillages, find an open area and tilt the affected surface towards the ground to let the liquid flow out and wipe away any excess water with a dry cloth.

It is important to note that wicker and rattan are woven in very complex patterns that produce a surface that is rich in nooks and crannies and very susceptible to trap debris and viscous liquids. Therefore, it is important to be extra careful when handling food, sugary beverages and other materials that might leave permanent marks like nail polish and ink. Should an accident like this occur, immediately wipe away any excess with a damp cloth or a vacuum and scrub with a soft, non abrasive brush. Please be aware that it is very hard to fix any remaining damage and the mark could be permanent after employing these steps.